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Individual Counseling, Couple's Counseling, Parenting Support, EMDR, Trauma Therapy in Springfield Missouri

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I specialize in trauma therapy, family and non-family relationships, attachment, stress, self-esteem, and anxiety. 

I provide individual and couple's counseling, as well as parenting support.

I am located at the Wellness Collective at 401 W McDaniel, Springfield, MO

I can also provide virtual therapy.

To schedule a free consultation, please feel free to call or text me at (417) 838-6037.

or use my scheduling link at

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Wellness Collective

My office is located at the Wellness Collective,
where you book a yoga class, facial, massage or acupuncture before or after therapy for the ultimate self-care day.

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Individual Therapy

I love creating a therapeutic space where people feel heard and accepted. My favorite part of my work is helping people understand themselves and their reactions so they can more fully embrace who they are. I also enjoy giving people practical tools to help them regulate their nervous system and feel less stressed. I am EMDR trained and Heart Math certified.

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Couple's Therapy

With couples, I use an attachment perspective to help each person better understand themselves and their partner and provide practical techniques recommended by the Gottman Institute.

Parenting Support

I work with families whose children struggle behaviorally or emotionally by supporting parents and providing techniques they can use to help their child heal, such as Trust Based Relational Intervention.

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My Fees

$95 for a 60 minute visit

$35 copay for compsych  (EAP)

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Client Reviews

Sara's therapy has changed my life. She is a true professional. She is compassionate, caring, and funny. There is absolutely no judgment in her. I experienced trauma as a child that was negatively affecting my adult life and relationships. I was able to trust her completely with all of it. She gave me coping mechanisms and strategies that have allowed me to finally live a normal life. One that is full of joy. I couldn't recommend her enough!

-Nichole R.

I had my first appointment with Sara in March 2022 after putting off therapy for decades. From our very first appointment, I found her to be caring and compassionate. As we continued to meet, her knowledge and skill as a therapist became even more evident. She helped me uncover skills and "superpowers"that I never recognized in myself. Through EMDR work, I have also been able to address some past trauma and reframe how I view myself and interact with the world around me. If you are looking for an empathic and lovely human being to walk the therapy road with, I would highly recommend Sara.

-Christine F.

When my 18-month old was diagnosed with autism, I became quite anxious and depressed which also created a strain on my marriage.  Fortunately the agency providing services for my son pointed me to Sara Ward. Sara listened to my concerns and fears with patience and compassion.  She never lectured or was judgmental, always acknowledging my concerns and suggesting different ways to view a problem or situation. On the few occasions I needed to talk with her outside our regular sessions, she was always very gracious and accommodating.  I never felt like I was talking to a stranger, it was more like discussing a concern with a close confidant. Ironically, since this was during the Covid emergency, I never had the opportunity to meet Sara in person.  This was all done over the telephone.

Sara helped me through a difficult period of my life for which I will be eternally grateful.

-Steve N.

I started talking with a Sara a few months after Landry was diagnosed. There was an immediate trust and comfort that comes from someone who is doing exactly what the Lord made them to do. Every week for 3 years (and sometimes more) she came alongside me and gave me tools to process my grief and heal wounds from long before Landry’s diagnosis. Sara’s gift has empowered me to be a better version of myself: a more intentional and attentive wife, a more present and gentle mother, a more caring and thoughtful friend.

I am firm believer that every one would benefit from counseling. When trauma is not dealt with it, it is passed on, and we owe it to our loved ones to take care of mental health. If you are looking for a trustworthy, safe place (with a great sense of humor😉) to do that… I can’t recommend Sara enough. ❤️

-Katelyn W

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